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Dental Exam & Cleaning

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  • Professional dental check up cleaning
  • X Rays with exam
  • Affordable and painless procedure

A proper dental exam and cleaning are both extremely important when it comes to the overall oral health of your mouth. So many people make the unfortunate mistake of skipping out on their semi-annual dental exam and cleaning due to lack of time or other minimal excuses. What they don’t know is that  putting off their oral check up is actually doing more harm to their teeth and gums in the long run. By adding a dental exam and cleaning to your oral care every six months will help eliminate the risk of damage and disease over time.

Dental exam and cleaning near me?

  • Dental exam and cleaning near Big Arm, MT
  • Deep dental cleaning near Dayton
  • Xrays with dental exam and cleaning in Polson, MT

At Bayview Dental Montana, having a professional dental check up and cleaning allows us to see your overall oral health. Consistent visits allow us to see and compare the state of your teeth and gums from previous visits. If by chance we find a cavity or suspect and kind of issue we can take care of the problem and resolve it sooner rather than later. We encourage our current patients and new patients to take the preventative approach to keep their oral health in pristine condition. Get the dental care you not only deserve but need. Dr. Rick’s of Bayview Dental Montana is an affordable dentist in Polson, Montana. Call today and make an appointment.


What a Dental Check Up Consists of:

  • Digital X-rays will be taken so that our team can detect any signs of tooth decay, damage, cysts, or other concerns that are located beneath the surface of your mouth.
  • All teeth will be carefully inspected for decay, cavities, and worn-down/damaged enamel.
  • The gum tissue will be checked for any early signings of periodontal disease.
  • An oral cancer screening will be performed to ensure that there aren’t any early signs of cancerous cells that need attention.
  • Check any existing restorations (crowns, fillings, bridges, etc.) to make sure they are still working effectively.

What a Dental Cleaning Consist of:

  • Hardened tartar and plaque will be removed from the surface of the teeth by a dental professional. This will prevent dangerous inflammation and future cavities over time.
  • Teeth will be polished and previous staining will be removed that was left behind from scaling or when brushing your teeth.