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Don’t feel self-conscious about the way you talk or smile because you’re missing teeth. Replace what you’ve lost with dentures and partials from Bayview Dental in Polson, MT. We can help you restore everything from your confidence to your ability to eat.
Dr. Joshua Ricks and his team can help you get dentures and partial to fill in gaps from missing or damaged teeth with partial dentures as well as replacing the teeth in your entire mouth with full dentures. You can enjoy full-functioning and natural-looking teeth with dentures and that are made from durable, synthetic material.
If you still have some of your original teeth but would like to fill in gaps in your smile that are missing teeth, Dr. Ricks can help fit you for partial dentures. Your dentures are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. This makes it easy to prevent bacteria buildup that causes bad breath, gum disease, and decay in your remaining teeth.
Come see us today if you’d like a denture fitting. Our friendly team will make sure that your dentures and partials near you are fitted exactly as they need to in order to make your bite perfectly aligned.

Complete and Partial Dentures in Lake County

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Getting missing teeth replaced can be expensive and invasive, but Bayview Dental provides affordable dentures to patients in Lake County. Additionally, Dr. Ricks can assist with denture repair and full denture replacement. By helping you maintain your oral health, the team at Bayview Dental will help you maintain your overall health by improving your overall diet. Whether it was because of an accident, old age, excessive decay, or any other reason, Dr. Ricks can help you restore you smile with complete and partial dentures near Finley Point, MT.
Dr. Ricks will start the process of making your denture and partial dentures by taking an impression of your mouth in order to ensure that your dentures fit tightly against your gums. He’ll also fully assess your jaw to learn how your bite fits together to prevent misalignment or discomfort, which can lead to further complications in the future. After the jaw assessment and fitting are complete, your new dentures can be manufactured by a lab. Once we receive them, our team will ensure that they fit properly before sending you on your way.
Schedule your appointment with Bayview Dental today for complete and partial dentures. You can easily reach our team at 406-883-4700, or send us a message using our online contact form. Our office is situated at the south end of Flathead Lake on Polson Bay at 50113 US-93, Polson, MT 59860.

Get new dentures and partials from Bayview Dental and restore your confidence with a full and complete smile.