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Dental pain is difficult to ignore for good reason because it shouldn’t be. Any tooth pain that is ignored will lead to severe problems that might need invasive and costly repairs. Dr. Joshua Ricks with Bayview Dental can treat your dental pain with a root canal near you.

Your teeth are much more complex than they initially appear. While most of your oral hygiene is focused on the surface of your teeth, the gaps between them, and your gums, the inside of your teeth are important. The inside of your tooth is comprised of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue called the pulp. The pulp can be damaged from trauma, infection, or decay and do significant damage to your teeth. You’ll experience significant pain if the pulp (specifically the nerve) has been damaged from any of the previously mentioned and a root canal is likely the solution. Dr. Ricks is your root canal doctor serving Polson, MT and the surrounding areas.

As part of the root canal treatment, Dr. Ricks will remove the damaged pulp from within your tooth. Your root canal doctor performs this procedure in order to prevent any current or potential infection from spreading to nearby teeth, gums, or even to your neck or face.
As your root canal dentist serving the Lake Country area, Dr. Ricks recommends that root canal patients pay special attention to the tooth that has been treated in order to prevent a fracture or future decay.

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Bayview Dental offers affordable root canals to patients in the Polson, MT area. Dr. Ricks is an experience root canal therapy dentist who will ensure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible. Patients who present with damaged teeth or tooth will be given dental x-rays in order to decide the proper course of action. If a root canal procedure is deemed the necessary course of action, Dr. Ricks will carefully perform a root canal to ease your pain and prevent further damage. Contact Bayview Dental immediately if any of your teeth feel tender, experience lingering pain, sensitivity from hot or cold foods or eating, pressure, or swelling of nearby gum tissue. An emergency root canal may need to be performed.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Bayview Dental will ensure that you’re taken care of so a comfortable root canal can be performed. We will also provide instruction that will help you take care of the treated tooth.


    If you think you might be in need of a root canal, call Bayview Dental right away. You can easily reach our team by calling 406-883-4700. If you have any questions about your symptoms and would like more information, send us a message using our contact form. You’ll find our office located at 50113 US-93, Polson, MT 59860. Our office is situated next to Bayview Inn on Polson Bay.