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Sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be repaired or restored and a tooth extraction is required. Tooth decay, broken teeth, and stubborn baby teeth are just a few reasons why you might need a tooth extraction dentist to help you maintain your oral health. Dr. Joshua Ricks of Bayview Dental is a dentist near you for tooth extraction and oral surgery.
Are you curious about what all goes into performing an extraction? As your tooth extraction dentist near Arlee, MT, Dr. Ricks will make a decision to take an approach according to your individual needs with either a simple extraction or a more invasive surgical extraction.
Dr. Ricks can perform a simple extraction by applying a local anesthetic to the area surrounding the tooth that needs removal, then extract that tooth using a special tool called an elevator. This tool is used to loosen the gum tissue and bone socket holding the tooth in place and providing support. Your tooth extraction dentist will then use forceps to carefully pull the tooth from the socket, then place gauze over the opening to help with bleeding.
If a surgical tooth extraction is required, Dr. Ricks and his team at Bayview Dental will advise you of all potential risks and side effects associated with the removal. These procedures are typically performed with the administration of a general anesthetic so that the patient feels no pain at the time of the procedure and has no memory of it. Common conditions that require surgical tooth removal include an impacted tooth, a tooth that has not broken through the gum line, a tooth that has broken at or near the gum line, and others. Dr. Ricks will determine if a surgical extraction is necessary based on the patient and each unique circumstance.
Whichever procedure you might require, Dr. Ricks is your choice for a tooth extraction dentist in Polson, MT.

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Whether you require an emergency tooth extraction with oral surgery or have a schedule tooth extraction, the team at Bayview Dental will be sure to take care of you according to your individual needs. Search for the best dentist for tooth extraction in Lake County to find the dentist that fits your needs, and you’ll quickly come to find that Dr. Ricks offers a comfortable and friendly environment.
If you feel that you might be in need of a tooth extraction, please give Bayview Dental a call today. You can easily reach our office at 406-883-4700, or come see us at 50113 US-93, Polson, MT 59860. Dr. Ricks is among dentists that do tooth extractions in your area.