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  • With the help of your nearby pediatric dentist, your children can develop good oral hygiene habits. These habits can help your children have healthy, beautiful teeth for a long time. Dr. Joshua Ricks of Bayview Dental is a children’s pediatric dentist serving patients in Polson, MT.

    Dr. Ricks is a dentist for kids who offers special treatment with tools and utensils that are designed to fit the size of your child’s mouth and make his or her visit to the dentist more comfortable. He offers adjustments to standard procedures like teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment that are easier for you child to complete without having to worry about oversized equipment used for adults.

    The age and oral development of pediatric patients varies, but Dr. Ricks understands the difference is treating each with a unique approach. With patients who still have most of their primary teeth will be treated with a preventative approach. Dr. Ricks and the Bayview Dental team will teach your young patient what they can do to maintain peak oral health for the rest of their life. He’s also equipped to gently administer fillings as needed.

    As your kids’ pediatric dentist in Polson, MT, Dr. Ricks sets their dental needs as a top priority. Bayview Dental is your pediatric dental office that is designed to meet the needs of your children.

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  • Your local pediatric dentist is equipped to not only treat your kids’ dental health needs, but help them understand how maintaining healthy teeth can help with their overall health for years. By learning more about their oral health, your child can also find out how they can fight early onset heart disease. The team of friendly experts at Bayview Dental will educate your young patients in a friendly and fun environment that helps them to feel comfortable with pediatric dental care.

    Dr. Ricks is a friendly family dentist who serves Lake County with affordable pediatric dental care. Schedule an appointment for your son or daughter today by calling Bayview Dental at 406-883-4700. You can also send us an email at or use our online contact form to send us a message. Come see us at our office at 50133 US-93, Polson, MT 59860. We’re conveniently located next to Bayview Inn on Polson Bay.

    Bring your kids to visit your pediatric dentist near you to help them understand the role consistent dental care plays in maintaining their oral and overall health.